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Why do dryer vents cause fires?

Dryer vents don't cause fires on their own. It's more complicated than that and has to do with the way the dryer works. In order to dry the clothes, the appliance is set to increase temperatures. So, air circulating is very hot but must have a way out… and that is through the dryer vents. If these are blocked by lint (which is produced by clothes), the temperatures go up and the possibility of fires increases. Cleaning the dryer vents regularly is critical.

Will clean air ducts reduce my energy bill?

Yes. Cleaner air ducts cause less strain to be placed on your cooling and heating systems and lower your energy use.

Are the 1-inch fiberglass air filters for the HVAC furnace reliable?

These are the most basic and cheapest of filters. They have very low efficiency rating which means that they can capture mostly bigger particles and may leave pollen or mold spores to circulate freely around the house. In order to keep your HVAC system performing optimally, you will need to replace the 1-inch filter every three months at least.

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